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Description:Techlog Interactive Suite. Conventional Log Analysis. Workflow/Solutions Training, Version 2010.1Quanti is the ensemble of solutions for deterministic formation evaluation, and includes tools to help you perform precomputations, create flag curves, determine the standard petrophysical properties and calculate summaries. Quanti uses our Application Workflow Interface (AWI), a generic tool that allows you to work in a multi-well and multi-zone environment, and control your parameters in an efficient manner. In addition, you will be shown how to program your own equations and applications using Python. You will also learn how to integrate the scripts that you create into your workflow.QuantiLearning Objectives The Quanti InterfaceBasic Concepts of the Interface Shale Volume from Gamma Ray Shale Volume from Neutron-Density Final Shale VolumeTotal Porosity from Density Saturation using Archie's MethodThe Monte Carlo Algorithm Reports Workflow Templates and Parameters SummariesAdditional TipsPython ScriptLearning Objectives Python Editor ScriptsLaunch the ScriptOpen an Existing Python ScriptPython Scripts in Workflows
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