Tempo and Mode in Evolution: Genetics and Paleontology 50 Years After Simpson9780309051910, 0-309-05191-6

Author : for the National Academy of Sciences, Walter M. Fitch, Francisco J. Ayala
Description:Since George Gaylord Simpson published Tempo and Mode in Evolution in 1944, discoveries in paleontology and genetics have abounded. This volume brings together the findings and insights of today's leading experts in the study of evolution, including Francisco J. Ayala, W. Ford Doolittle, and Stephen Jay Gould. It covers morphological and genetic changes in human populations, contradicting the popular claim that modern humans descend from a single woman.
Categories: Biology Genetics
Year :1995
Publisher : National Academies Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 334
File Info : pdf 11 Mb