The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading: The Rules for Turning Trading Patterns Into Profit [1ed.]0071476881, 9780071476881, 9780071508735

Author : Jared Martinez
"""Description:The title of this review is based on the fact that this book costs only $25. Now, if you hunt around enough through the forest of forex education that you can pay for you will know that $25 is practical nothing compared to what you might pay for other books and/or courses. Speaking of courses... the author of this book sells a forex education course that carries a price tag of $8000 and while reading this book it very often struck me that this book was written as nothing more than an advertisement for his courses. Yes, this book is that vague... at best. Take a moment and think about this... the subtitle to this book has the word ""patterns"" in it but yet if you look in the index at the back of the book you won't even find an entry for the word ""patterns"". What does that tell you?Did I mention the word ""vague""? At very best this book is vague and is a very general introduction to the box office where you buy your ticket to actually enter the forex trading arena.Like I said, you get what you pay for and when you pay only $25 for this book that is about all the true value that you will get for your money, which pails in comparison to the vast amount of information that you can pay for and also find for free if you take the time to turn over every stone on the internet that concerns forex trading. You never know what you might find for free. Allow me to add this. If you are coinsidering buying this book then I assume you are relatively new to forex. If this is the case, your first step should be to explore the psychological aspect of trading. Don't underestimate this suggestion. You will thank me for it. Look for a book called, ""Trading in the Zone"" by Mark Douglas or an extremely deep and eye opening course offered over the Internet called 80/20 The Trader's Mindset by Chris Matthews. This course is worth so much more than you will pay for it you will be truly amazed. The bonus materials alone are worth the price of the course.As far as nuts and bolts trading education goes, look into two products by Dean Saunders named The 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder, or The Forex Blade Strategies.Lastly, do not start out trying to scalp on short time frames. Scalping is the worst place to start forex trading. Start learning and trading on 4 hour and daily charts first... it is much easier and much less stressful than scalpling off short time frame charts."""
Categories: Business Trading
Year :2007
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 236
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