The Anthropology of Magic1845206703978, 9781845206710, 1845206711, 1845206703, 9781845206703

Author : Susan Greenwood
Description:Magic is arguably the least understood subject in anthropology today. Exotic and fascinating, it offers us a glimpse into another world but it also threatens to undermine the foundations of anthropology due to its supposed irrational and non-scientific nature. Magic has thus often been 'explained away' by social or psychological reduction. The Anthropology of Magic redresses the balance and brings magic, as an aspect of consciousness, into focus through the use of classic texts and cutting-edge research.Taking a new approach to some perennial topics in anthropologysuch as shamanism, mythology, witchcraft, and healingthe book raises crucial theoretical and methodological issues to provide the reader with an engaging and critical understanding of the dynamics of magic.
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :2009
Publisher : Berg
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 172
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