The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook: Cell Motility and Behavior, Volume 3, Second Edition [2ed.]0123708761, 9780123708762

Author : George Witman
Description:Volume 3 reviews virtually everything that is known about cell motility and behavior in Chlamydomonas. World experts in each area focus on mitosis and cytokinesis; flagellar assembly and motility; intraflagellar transport; dynein; the structure and function of centrioles/basal bodies and their associated structures; ciliary signaling; mating and gamete fusion; photobehaviors; and Chlamydomonas as a model for understanding human diseases of the cilium. The volume is richly illustrated and is supplemented by a website containing both classic and previously unpublished videos of cell motility in Chlamydomonas. A unique and especially valuable feature is the inclusion of tables listing the known proteins (with NCBI accession numbers) for each structure discussed, and the known mutations that affect each structure and process. Because Chlamydomonas has been the premier model for investigating the function and behavior of cilia and flagella, the chapters summarize the current state of knowledge in these areas as it applies to all ciliated organisms. Thus, this volume will be an essential source for all students and researchers interested in cell motility. * Essential reference to a model species for the study of mechanisms of motility in free living cells* Includes methods for Chlamydomonas motility research.* Companion Website with videos illustrates the marvels of the Chlamydomonas flagella in action
Categories: Biology Microbiology
Year :2008
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 512[542]
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