The Enzymes 22Co- and Posttranslational Proteolysis of Proteins [3ed.]0121227227, 9780121227227, 9780080542430

Author : Rose E. Dalbey and David S. Sigman (Eds.)
Description:This is the first compilation of protein lipidation enzymes. This volume summarizes recent dramatic developments regarding enzymes responsible for protein lipidation, a process critical for a number of physiological functions, including cell proliferation and morphology. Inhibitors of protein lipidation have recently been shown to be useful as anticancer drugs. Enzymatic mechanisms, mutational analysis, and structural studies are presented. Key Features* The enzymatic mechanisms of protein lipidation* Three-dimensional structures of protein farnesytransferase, protein geranylgeranytransferase II, and n-myristoryltransferase
Categories: Biology Biochemistry: enologist
Year :2002
Publisher : Elsevier, Academic Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 3-501[349]
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