The Future of Complexity: Conceiving a Better Way to Understand Order and Chaos9812708987, 9789812708984

Author : Peter Baofu
Description:Contrary to the conventional wisdom held by many contemporaries in our time, the popularity of studying complexity is fast becoming a new fad in the intellectual scene. However, can the study of complex phenomena truly reveal recognizable patterns (with predictable outcomes) to enhance our understanding of reality, especially when it is embedded within the messy web of complexity? If so, what then are the limits? This book strives to demolish some of the myths surrounding the nature of complexity and, in the process, to provide an original theory to understand it in this world and beyond. It introduces the author s dialectic theory of complexity, together with the theoretical debate in the literature. It expounds on the concept of complexity from various perspectives, including chemistry, micro- and macro-physics, biology and psychology. It also examines the nature of complexity from societal and cultural perspectives. This book presents a broad view on the nature of complexity, adequately introducing the reader to this emerging field.
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos
Year :2002
Publisher : World Scientific Pub Co (
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 322
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