The Juggler’s Guide to Managing Multiple Projects1880410656, 9781880410653

Author : Michael Singer Dobson
Description:In the past, most project management books have focused on managing one project, but in todays increasingly busy and stressful world, it has become necessary to calmly and efficiently manage more than one projectoften several projectssuccessfully at the same time. This learned skill is valuable not only for project managers, but also for anyone responsible for the successful outcome of multiple projects, whether it is at the office or in the home! Dobson says that you must first have a strong foundation in time management and priority setting, then introduces the concept of Portfolio Management to timeline multiple projects, determine their resource requirements, and handle emergencies, putting you in charge for possibly the first time in your life! The Jugglers Guide to Managing Multiple Projects does not forget the paperwork. Dobson supplies examples of business-tested forms, charts, logs, tables, and worksheetseverything project managers need to crash, level, analyze, plan, and control tasks. Forms were never better explained or illustrated. To ensure creative success, Dobson adds tips, shortcuts, and tricks of the project management trade with each example.
Categories: Business Management: Project Management
Year :1999
Publisher : Project Management Institute
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 134[152]
File Info : pdf 7 Mb