The New Brazilian Cinema [illustrated edition]9781860649288, 1860649289, 1860648789

Author : Lcia Nagib
"""Description:As explained in the Introduction, Brazil has had a rocky time for the last twenty to thirty years. After almost being totally destroyed during the early 1990's, Brazilian cinema has experienced a great renaissance. This book covers the full range of this renaissance, with various essays touching on the artistic, political, religious, and socio-economic realities that characterize this movement. Gracing the cover is a still from perhaps the best-known (and best-loved) film of the era, ""Central Station"" (1998), a movie that is mentioned and discussed frequently in the text. For those interested in expanding their horizons, especially in terms of cinema, this book is an engaging read."""
Categories: Art Cinema
Year :2003
Publisher : I.B. Tauris in Association with the Centre for Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford; In the United States of America distributed by Palgrave Macmillan
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 325
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