The Oxford History of World Cinema [illustrated edition]0198742428, 978-0198742425

Author : Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
Description:Featuring nearly three hundred film stills, production shots, and other illustrations, an authoritative history of the cinema traces the development of the medium, its filmmakers and stars, and the evolution of national cinemas around the world. UP. Review Most histories of the international cinema focus on the careers of prominent directors. But the authors of The Oxford History of World Cinema set cinematic genres, trends, and national themes at the fore, composing a history of the cinema that is equally a history of our multifarious world culture. Still, in deference to the older historical style, the text of this hefty book is dotted with hundreds of minibiographies on individual filmmakers. The result of this hybrid approach is one of the most comprehensive film histories ever, allowing insight into its complex subject from a number of different perspectives.
Categories: Art Cinema
Year :1997
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 342
File Info : pdf 6 Mb