The Painted Churches of Cyprus. Treasures of Byzantine Art9963-560-30-X

Author : A. and J. A. Stylianou
Description:In a large number of rural churches in Cyprus wallpaintings have survived which are not only of great value in themselves but also provide a most precious documentation of the development of Byzantine art Every period and style from the sixth to the eighteenth century is represented. Many are precisely dated. No other area of comparable size Can offer so comprehensive a series.Andreas and Judith Stylianou are internationally recognised as great experts on this subject. They have devoted a lifetime of research to it. not only in Cyprus but throughout the area of surviving Byzantine culture. Both of them have written monographs and essays on Byzantine art and presented papers to international congresses. Andreas Stylianou was responsible for the introduction to the volume cvprus, Byzantine Mosaicsand Frescoes, published in the UNESCO World Art Series in 1963. The Painted Churches oj Cyprus is the culmination of their long and careful studies which have finally restored the work of Cypriot painters to its proper place among the cultural achievements of the world.It is the authors aim, while providing the fullest scholarly documentation of the whole range of Byzantine mural painting in Cyprus, to give lovers of art in general an insight into the special merits of that school of art.A full bibliography of their publications is included in this book. Their most recent production is a monumental work on The History of the Cartography of Cyprus, the result of pioneering research in European libraries.The present work has been sponsored by the A.G. Leventis Foundation. an organisation with the purpose of assisting, among other thing.~, the publication of works of scholarly value related to the cultural heritage of Cyprus.Over 300 illustracions . , , ( , ). (58 ) 42 . , . , . - , - , .Fileserve
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Year :1997
Publisher : A. G. Leventis Foundation
Language : English
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