The Praeger Singer-Songwriter CollectionThe Words and Music of Tom Waits (The Praeger Singer-Songwriter Collection)9780313349065, 0313349061

Author : Corinne Kessel
"""Description:I've read many books about Tom Waits both in italian and english language (I'm writing from Italy)almost 11. This is the best one related to the analysis of Tom Waits sounds-world creation and lyrics deep check, the fact that Mrs Kessel is a musician help very much the whole thing moreover considered that she had cooperate with Tom in BLACK RIDER.This book is the deepest text about the Tom Waits style all over his own 40 years of music career,in many book lines while I was reading I've found the exact description of my own feelings felt while I was listening that song considerated. Mrs Kessel take a wide look also on the process of creation and on the double side: Waits as a man and Waits as an istrument of expression taking into consideration the voice, sounds landscapes, styles, periods of creation and all the needful details for define the ""TOM WAITS WORLD"". After more than 12 years of listening and descovering Tom Waits this is the most helpful book to go into and deep inside his own music.Only one thing: there is no Tom Waits contribution to this book and no ""thanks"" by Mrs Kessel to Tom Waits and these two aspects sounds a little bit strange knowing Tom way of view about things that involve his music and works. However I sugget this book to all the fans that has the needing to know that ""...something more"" about Tom Waits."""
Categories: Art Music: Guitar
Year :2008
Publisher : Praeger
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 192
File Info : pdf 935 Kb