The Story of Yiddish: How a Mish-Mosh of Languages Saved the Jews0060837128, 9780060837129, 006083711X, 9780060837112, 9780061553851

Author : Neal Karlen
Description: A delightfully unconventional tale of a people, their place in the world, and the fascinating language that held them together. Yiddish is an unlikely survivor of the ages, much like the Jews themselves. Incorporating antique German dialects and elements from more than a dozen other tongues, the Yiddish language bears the imprint of the many places where European Jews were briefly given shelter. Neal Karlen's unique, brashly entertaining, yet thoroughly researched telling of the language's story reveals that Yiddish is a mirror of Jewish history, thought, and practicefor better and for worse.
Categories: Linguistics Foreign
Year :2009
Publisher : Harper Paperbacks
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 337
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