The Visual Dictionary of Photography2940411042, 9782940411047

Author : David Prakel
"""Description:This book is essentially a dictionary of FILM photography, which makes it a specialist work of little use to the general public today. The vast majority of the entries are about esoteric film photography terminology or technique with only minor and not always helpful bridge comments about how the defined terms relate to digital technology. Had Mr. Prakel honestly titled it ""The visual dictionary of film photography"" I might have been more generous with my rating, but it isn't honest to present the work as a general dictionary of photography, any newly published example of which must of necessity treat digital technology as the current standard. I think even film enthusiasts are going to be disappointed with how backward-looking this work is, since few can practice film photography today without major digital editing or storage technology as part of their work process..."""
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2009
Publisher : Ava Publishing
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 291
File Info : pdf 21 Mb