Theory and Applications of OFDM and CDMA: Wideband Wireless Communications9780470850695, 0-470-85069-8

Author : Henrik Schulze, Christian Lueders
Description:This book enables the reader to develop a sound knowledge of wideband communications, such as OFDM, applied in digital audio broadcasting, and CDMA, the foundation of third generation mobile communications. As this is a fast growing field, graduates of engineering programmes as well as practising engineers should be familiar with the principles of wideband communications, particularly of OFDM and CDMA in connection with mobile radio channels.Theory & Applications of OFDM & CDMA: * Progresses from the fundamentals of wideband communications through to modern applications * Features the basics of digital communications, mobile radio channels, coding and modulation, OFDM as a multicarrier system and spread spectrum systems * Includes an extensive range of problems and solutions throughout the bookWhilst working in industry, the authors were active in the fields of mobile communications (GSM) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) and have gained a thorough insight while contributing to different digital communication systems in connection with mobile radio channels, creating an innovative book of great relevance to students of telecommunications courses as well as practising engineers and researchers.
Categories: Technology Instrument
Year :2005
Publisher : Wiley
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 421
File Info : pdf 8 Mb