Thus Spoke Galileo: The Great Scientist’s Ideas and Their Relevance to the Present Day9780198566250, 0198566255

Author : Andrea Frova, Mariapiera Marenzana, James H. McManus
Description:Any reasonably educated person knows what is said about Galileo, but not what Galileo himself actually said. This has allowed a variety of different interpretations to be put upon his stands as a scientist and as a man, in particular from within the Catholic world, where a sense of guilt for his dramatic destiny has never been completely erased. Let him speak, then so that he can bring to everybody's attention, in particular the young, his message of reason, of intellectual honesty, of free thinking. A message that more than ever, is of great relevance in the rampant irrationality of the new millennium. The selection of writings offered here is preferred by a blunt self-portrait, which is of course a ''forgery'' - however, one that is based entirely on extracts from Galileo's writings and private letters, though he would never have dared, nor been allowed to write it himself. The anthology touches upon the themes dearest to Galileo and a lively commentary, from both the scientific and the literary-historical viewpoints, should help make the extracts accessible. The reader will be able to appreciate the work and the writing-style of a very great scientist and author and will probably also be surprised to find with the aid of a test with answers provided, just how many of the misconceptions about the ''workings of the world'' that were rife prior to Galileo, still survive today among the common beliefs of even well-educated, non scientific people.
Categories: Art Graphic Arts
Year :2006
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 514
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