Time and Memory in Indigenous Amazonia: Anthropological Perspectives [1sted.]0813030609, 9780813030609

Author : Carlos Fausto and Michael Heckenberger (editors)
"""Description: These groundbreaking essays by internationally renowned anthropologists advance a simple argument--that native Amazonian societies are highly dynamic. Change and transformation define the indigenous history of the Amazon from before European conquest to the present. Based on recent ethnographic fieldwork and firsthand analysis of indigenous history, this collection examines the concepts of time and change as they played out in areas ranging from religion, cosmology, and mortuary practices to attitudes toward ethnic difference and the treatment of animals. Without imposing traditionally Western notions of what ""time"" and ""change"" mean, the collection looks at how native Amazonians experienced forms of cultural memory and at how their narratives of the past helped construct their sense of the present and, inevitably, their own identity. The volume offers some of the most interesting and nuanced discussions to date on Amazonian conceptualizations of temporality and change ."""
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :2007
Publisher : University Press of Florida
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 340[171]
File Info : pdf 18 Mb