Tom Dorsey’s Trading Tips: A Playbook for Stock Market Success1576600777, 9781576600771, 9781417531028

Author : Thomas J Dorsey, Watson H Wright, Tammy F Derosier, Susan L Morrison, James C Ball, Thomas J. Dorsey, Tammy Derosier, Jay Ball
Description:Invaluable insights and techniques for trading from a consummate market pro. What accounts for the loyalty and zeal of Tom Dorsey's book-buying devotees? What traders and investors want is what Dorsey gives them--the tools for making the right decisions--not theory or an overly complex trading ''system.'' Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips draws upon the collective wisdom of Dorsey and his colleagues--whose closely followed newsletter and Web site provide a daily education of insights and research to legions of brokers and investors. Tom Dorsey receives constant feedback from traders who have built their success with Dorsey's techniques, so he knows that his strategies work. Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips includes invaluable coaching on the general market, point-and-figure charting techniques, options strategies, as well as a portfolio of other valuable topics. And Dorsey's tips are simple to apply: self-contained, well chosen, tested strategies that can be confidently mastered because he has made them crystal clear, and shows his readers exactly when and how to use them. This book condenses the author's most useful stock-and-option trading techniques in a highly accessible, conveniently organized playbook format that readers can and will easily consult again and again. Includes: * Razor-sharp, proven insights on how to make the right trading decisions * Sound advice from the Dorsey Wright & Associates newsletter that brokers depend on * Solid guidance on how to make consistent money in all market conditions * Proven key technical approaches to investment success
Categories: Business Trading
Year :2001
Publisher : Bloomberg Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 256[250]
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