Toxicogenomics: Principles and Applications

Author : Hamadeh H.K., Afshari C.A.
Description:John Wiley & Sons, 2004. - 361 p.ContentsPrefaceGeneral ToxicologyA Short Introduction to the Expression Profile ToolboxMicroarray ManufactureScannersDatabases for ToxicogenomicsStatistics for ToxicogenomicsReal-Time and Quantitative PCRConfounding Variables and Data InterpretationIntroduction to Relationships Between Toxicology and Gene ExpressionThe Use of a Compendium of Expression Profiles for Mechanism of Toxicity PredictionsUsing Genetically Altered Mice in Toxicogenomic Analysis of Chemical Exposurentroduction to High-Throughput Protein ExpressionAnalytical Proteomics Approaches to Analysis of Protein Modifications: Tools for Studying Proteome-Environment InteractionsIntroduction to Metabolomics and Metabolic ProfilingToxicogenomics Resources Index
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