Transport Phenomena in Porous Media II [volume 2]0080439659, 9780080439655, 9780080543178

Author : I. Pop, Derek B Ingham
Description:Transport phenomena in porous media continues to be a field which attracts intensive research activity. This is primarily due to the fact that it plays an important and practical role in a large variety of diverse scientific applications. Transport Phenomena in Porous Media II covers a wide range of the engineering and technological applications, including both stable and unstable flows, heat and mass transfer, porosity, and turbulence.Transport Phenomena in Porous Media II is the second volume in a series emphasising the fundamentals and applications of research in porous media. It contains 16 interrelated chapters of controversial, and in some cases conflicting, research, over a wide range of topics. The first volume of this series, published in 1998, met with a very favourable reception. Transport Phenomena in Porous Media II maintains the original concept including a wide and diverse range of topics, whilst providing an up-to-date summary of recent research in the field by its leading practitioners.
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Fluid Mechanics
Year :2002
Publisher : Pergamon
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 468[469]
File Info : pdf 23 Mb