Truly Nonlinear Oscillations: Harmonic Balance, Parameter Expansions, Iteration, and Averaging Methods 981429165X, 9789814291651

Author : Ronald E. Mickens
"""Description:This unique book provides a concise presentation of many of the fundamental strategies for calculating approximations to the oscillatory solutions of ""truly nonlinear"" (TNL) oscillator equations. The volume gives a general overview of the author's work on harmonic balance, iteration and combined linearization-averaging methods. However, full discussions are also presented on parameter expansion procedures and a first-order averaging technique for TNL oscillators. The calculational basis of each method is clarified by applying them to a set of standard TNL oscillator equations. This allows a direct comparison to be made among the various methods. The book is self-contained and therefore suitable for both classroom use and self-study by students and professionals who desire to learn, understand, and apply these technique to the field of nonlinear oscillations."""
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Oscillations and Waves
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Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Company
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 255
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