Tumor Suppressor Genes Vol 2: Regulation, Function, and Medicinal Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 223) [1ed.]9780896039872, 0896039870, 9781592593293

Author : Wafik S El-Deiry
Description:The second volume of Tumor Suppressor Genes explores the cell biology and biochemical function of the tumor suppressor genes, as well as its physiological role in vivo. The authors detail the physical methods (NMR, microarray approaches, pot-translational structure analysis, analysis of regulation at the gene expression and protein signaling levels)used to understand the function of tumor suppressor genes. In vivo approaches discussed include studies in yeast, Drosophilia, mice, and human tumors. For both volumes: Leading physician scientists and academic researchers review all the known tumor suppressor genes, explain how they work, and describe how they were discovered and isolated. In many cases, the authors discuss specific genes that are frequently involved in hereditary or sporadic cancers. They also provide a detailed guide to using powerful molecular genetic, cytogenetic, proteomic, and cell biological strategies to discover and isolate novel tumor suppressor genes and their targets. A second volume of this two-volume set, Tumor Suppressor Genes, Volume 2: Regulation, Function, and Medical Applications, shows how to explore the cell biology and biochemical function of such encoded proteins, to study its physiological role in vivo, and to use information on TSGs to develop diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for cancer.
Categories: Biology Molecular
Year :2003
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 684[680]
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