U-X-L Graphic Novelists: Profiles of Cutting Edge Authors and Illustrators [Vol 1, 1ed.]1-4144-0440-9, 1-4144-0441-7

Author : Tom Pendergast, Sara Pendergast, Sarah Hermsen
Description:Graphic novels -- novels merging pictures and rich language to create a unique experience of literature and art -- are enjoying a renewed popularity, especially with students and young adults. UXL's Graphic Novelists introduces researchers to the authors and illustrators behind these works, taking care to define and explore the distinction between comic books and graphic novels. Printed in full-color and covering approximately 75 authors and illustrators in detail, this new set also includes a cumulative table of contents, words to know, timeline, list of works and a detailed cumulative general index.
Categories: Art Graphic Arts
Year :2007
Publisher : U-X-L/Thomson Gale
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 250
File Info : pdf 14 Mb