Very Short IntroductionsChaos: A Very Short Introduction 0192853783, 9781429470063, 9780192853783

Author : Lenny Smith, Leonard Smith
Description:Chaos exists in systems all around us. Even the simplest system can be subject to chaos, denying us accurate predictions of its behavior, and sometimes giving rise to astonishing structures of large-scale order. Here, Leonard Smith shows that we all have an intuitive understanding of chaotic systems. He uses accessible math and physics to explain Chaos Theory, and points to numerous examples in philosophy and literature that illuminate the problems. This book provides a complete understanding of chaotic dynamics, using examples from mathematics, physics, philosophy, and the real world, with an explanation of why chaos is important and how it differs from the idea of randomness. The author's real life applications include the weather forecast, a pendulum, a coin toss, mass transit, politics, and the role of chaos in gambling and the stock market. Chaos represents a prime opportunity for mathematical lay people to finally get a clear understanding of this fascinating concept.
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos
Year :2007
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 200
File Info : pdf 5 Mb