Wedding Photography: Advanced Techniques for Digital Photographers1584285281, 9781584289906, 9781584285281, 1584289902

Author : Bill Hurter
Description:Drawing on the images and expertise of dozens of industry-leading photographers, this manual on wedding photography provides critical insights into the techniques that set the best in the business apart from rest. Covering both the technical aspects of the profession as well as delving into more subtle aspects of the craftincluding preparation and planning, interpersonal skills, a keen eye, good timing, a cool-under-pressure mindset, posing and lighting skills, and artistic talentthis detailed handbook also offers strategies for streamlining postproduction efforts from running digital filters and retouching images to saving and archiving files. With instructions on how to replicate stunning wedding images, this guide will interest amateur and professional photographers alike.
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2010
Publisher : Amherst Media
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 129
File Info : pdf 10 Mb