Wenner-Gren International SymposiumAnthropology Beyond Culture [First Edition]185973524X, 9781859735244

Author : Richard G. Fox, Barbara J. King
Description:Culture is a vexed concept within anthropology. From their earliest studies, anthropologists have often noted the emotional attachment of people to their customs, even in cases where this loyalty can make for problems. Do anthropologists now suffer the same kind of disability with respect to their continuing emotional attachment to the concept of culture? This book considers the state of the culture concept in anthropology and finds fault with a love it or leave it attitude. Rather than pledging undying allegiance or summarily dismissing it, the volume argues that anthropology can continue with or without a concept of culture, depending on the research questions being asked, and, furthermore, that when culture is retained, no single definition of it is practical or necessary. Offering sensible solutions to a topic of hot debate, this book will be essential reading for anyone seeking to learn what a concept of culture can offer anthropology, and what anthropology can offer the concept of culture.
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :2002
Publisher : Berg Publishers
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 256[334]
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