What Would Barbra Do?: How Musicals Changed My Life0061374644, 9780061374647, 9780061648304

Author : Emma Brockes
"""Description: Emma Brockes didn't always love musicals. One of her most painful childhood memories is of her mother singing ""The Hills Are Alive"" while young Emma crossed the street en route to a babysitting gig. Mum said the music would keep muggers at bay. Emma found it warded off friends, a social life, and any chance of appearing normal. Some people would slice off their arm with a plastic knife before they'd sit through Fiddler on the Roof or The Sound of Music. But musicals are everywhere, and it's about time someone asked why. Emma Brockes firmly believes that, in this world, our lives might be much better lived to a Broadway score. Smartly written and incredibly witty, What Would Barbra Do? is part memoir, part musical history tour, and, at its heart, the touching story of a daughter, a mother, and how musicals kept them together. It will have you laughing and singing."""
Categories: Art Music: Guitar
Year :2008
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 288[291]
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