Withnail and Us: Cult Films and Film Cults in British Cinema (Cinema and Society)1848850921, 9781848850927

Author : Justin Smith
Description:Withnail and Us charts the journey of cult in culture through an exploration of British cult films and their fans. It is about our bizarre and enduring fascination with once obscure or shocking movies, from A Clockwork Orange to The Wicker Man. What is it about certain films that provokes such obsessive fan devotion?What impells people to remote locations in search of filmic relics? Why do they gather in groups to re-enact scenes learnt by heart? Is any film worth re-viewing over 100 times? From 1968 and all that, through the cultural by-ways of the 1970s, this book attempts to explain such strange practices, and to trace their origins in the makings of some remarkable films, including Tommy, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Quadrophenia, Withnail & I, Trainspotting and Performance. Prepare to enter the arena of the unwell!
Categories: Art Cinema
Year :2010
Publisher : I. B. Tauris
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 273
File Info : pdf 2 Mb