WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce [1st New edition]1847198503, 9781847198501

Author : Brian Bondari
Description:Wordpress 2.9 e-Commerce is an excellent overview of how to step up an online store using Wordpress. It covers all the basics from creating and managing a product catalog, to managing users, setting up checkout and payment, and dealing with shipping. The book provides instruction on how to install and configure the WP e-commerce plugin, critical to performing e-commerce within Wordpress. It compares and contrasts online payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Chronopay to help users understand the similarities and differences between the systems and choose which one is right for them. The book also discusses alternatives to the WP E-commerce plugin. Particular coverage is given to YAK, eShop, Shopp, Wordpress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart and MarketTheme. The book also includes a chapter on tools for marketing your e-commerce site using advertising, emails, newsletters, blogs and coupons. What I find most helpful about this book and most Packt books in general is that it is grounded in the hands on practical. Using this book one could easily setup an e-commerce site. Each chapter builds on the previous one, taking the users through the setup steps The book even includes an Appendix that provides information on how to install Wordpress within WAMP. For novice users who haven't installed Wordpress before this Appendix is extremely userful. Thrilled to have had the chance to read the book. I now understand the possible ways Wordpress can be used for e-commerce in a much better way than I did before.
Categories: Business E-Commerce
Year :2010
Publisher : Packt Publishing
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 284
File Info : pdf 4 Mb