YAC Protocols 2nd Ed (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 349) [2nded.]9781588296122, 9781597451581, 1588296121

Author : Alasdair, Ed. MacKenzie
Description:This completely revised and updated edition of YAC Protocols takes advantage of the many new advances in biology since the publication of the first edition, including the sequencing of the human genome, the genomes of a wide variety of other organisms, and the increased use of transgenic animals for understanding the molecular basis of human and animal disease. This volume also provides a much-needed update on the new techniques currently employed and to help redefine and illustrate the important roles still to be played by yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) technologies in the postgenomic age. YAC Protocols, Second Edition, demonstrates the enormous potential use of YAC technologies in understanding the role of genetics in maintaining health, promoting pathogenesis, and conferring susceptibility to disease. Offering solutions to the many problems that have plagued researchers, this new edition allows for the wider and more efficient use of YAC technologies for the analysis of genetic and pathogenic causes of human disease.
Categories: Biology Molecular
Year :2006
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 224[222]
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